Much like a certain president-elect, UND's Weis made some big statements before he even taken office...And much like Barry, he's been given another set of standards because of how handsome he looks in a suit; OK, nevermind, the simile isn't completely accurate. No matter, I'll continue.

Weis promised to make UND a Nasty team...He has succeeded. Here's how nasty they were on Saturday- They not only lost to a 2-win team...but they gave up a 10-point, fourth quarter lead...AND, they rushed for a total of 41 yards in 28 carries against the 109th-ranked rush defense in the NCAA. Heck, even the media now sees that Weis' team might not be Returning to Glory just yet.

So now, just as his book is titled, "No Excuses", it's time for Weis to simply do the right thing and stop making excuses. He needs to honor his contract, and stay there for the next seven years.

What? Were you expecting me to say that he needs to honor his alma mater, save them bags of cash, bail them out and step down? Come on! I'm not a proponent of the massive net the ever-growing federal government is laying out for everyone from credit card companies to auto companies under the guise of "helping out the market"...nor am I for the Manatee not holding UND's athletic department accountable for their nonsensical practice of signing big contracts and spending too much money for mediocre coaches. Hey, they'll never learn if you don't hold their feet to the fire.

Give 'em hell, you big beautiful genius!!

In the case that the Domers find the money to cut a check for Chuck's buyout, I definitely am an opponent of them hiring Lou Holtz! He's the perfect candidate- Like UND's football team, he's fair and objective, he's in his prime, completely lucid and understanding of the state of college football and stands for all that's right in college sports. Looooooooooouuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

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