Best Game Ever (Since Dallas v. NE)

In case you haven't guessed it, I thought the hype leading up to the Colts v. Pats game was ridiculous. While it is good to see two undefeated teams playing mid-way through the season, it is still mid-way through the season. Both teams really wanted to win and the game had some playoff-like intensity to it...but the playoffs it was not. One thing I really like and have liked about this series of games is how this is a true rivalry, and both sides seem to not like the other too much. There's note enough of that in sports, in my opinion.

Before I knew of the four starters that would be out for the Colts, I predicted a Colts loss...but losing four important parts of both the offense and defense did hurt the Colts, specifically their offense. To add insult to injury, Harrison's backup, Gonzalez was out for big chunks of the game (I'm not sure why). That left Aaron Moorehead taking the place of the future HOFer...quite a drop-off. All that said, the Colts can only blame themselves for losing. The defense that had been stout all day collapsed a bit in the end when given a chance to close it out and the usually clutch Manning coughed up the ball for his first fumble in Indianapolis since 2005.

I really do wish the Colts would have won because I hate the Patriots...but the cheating genius had clearly circled this game as he reacted as if he had earned his fifth Super Bowl ring as the clock hit 0:00. Harrison, Colvin & Brady all reacted similarly. I honestly didn't expect a team of former champions to react in such a way.

Congrats Patriots and her fans on this mid-season victory.

Here are the reasons I hate the Patriots:
-I lived in the Boston area for 2.5 years. That soured me greatly on the Pats. Ironically, that period of time really made me a Red Sox fan...probably because the Sox were pretty bad and their fans weren't horrible to deal with. Plus, as I've alluded to before, I've been a Colts fan since they moved to Indy...I didn't really have a baseball team to follow in Indy.

-Bad Winner, Worse Loser
Belichick is not only a proven cheater, he's also a complete ass. When he wins, he's smug, when he loses, he bristles and scowls. Plus, like most teams, the Patriots reflect their coach's attitude and outlook...much like the Manatee still exhibits Belichick-esque traits, his system roots itself in the team. All that said, I do think he might be one of the true geniuses of his sport...and you can't really argue with his teams' results (unless you're a Browns fan). [addendum: Belichick showed his class and furthered my argument by accusing Indianapolis and the Colts organization of cheating...following their victory at the RCA dome.]

-El Debarge

The Drama Queen (I'm retiring a Charger...Look at me...oh wait, I just wanted the party, I'm a Patriot), Junior Seau, his circa 1984 jerry curl do along with his talk-well, play-OK antics seem to be a perfect fit for the Pats.

-Super-Fertile QB
Tom Brady, in my opinion, is the best quarterback in the league. I usually don't have any problem with him off of the field. I do though, have a problem with the fact that he's one of the faces of the league, seems to be ambiguously gay and at the same time impregnated two women last summer. ESPN keeps telling me he's a classy guy, I see it completely different.

-Second or Third-Chance Hoodlum
Randy Moss is a freakishly-good athlete and an amazingly talented receiver. But, he's a degenerate whose calling cards are running into meter maids and bitching on the sideline. I know, I know, he's been a great team mate and all-around great guy since coming to NE. Pats fan, keep believing that he's never going to go back to what he really is. All the Patriots have to do to avoid a tirade or meltdown is never lose again...seems easy enough.

I could go on, but I'm tired and a bubble bath, frosty Zima and Danielle Steele novel are calling my name. I'll close by saying, my hope is that the Pats win out and become the second NFL team to go undefeated...Then, I'd like to see the Colts come into Foxborough and silence the Chowds when the game is very important. One can dream. Until then, congrats Belichick, Brady et al on your Super Bowl 41.5 victory...Hope to see you in January!

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