Donovan McNabb Didn't Know Pulling Him Was In The Rulebook, Either

Well, that was all news to me. I didn't know pulling me was an option in the NFL. I mean, I've never been a part of being pulled, not in pee-wee, not in high school or in college. I had no idea that was even in the rulebook.

Kevin Kolb? Who is that guy? I didn't even know we carried another quarterback on the roster. Who knew that was allowed in the NFL? I've never realized that was in the rulebook. Next thing you'll tell me is that we have kickers on the roster, too. Sheesh.

I didn't know standing on the sidelines was allowed, either. But once I saw other players standing there, I kind of figured, well, I guess you're allowed to stand on the sidelines in the NFL.

I just hate to think what would happen if this situation happened in the Super Bowl. If I were pulled there, what would happen next? The center would just snap the ball.... and nobody would be there to take it from him. How silly would that be? Almost as silly as ties, that's how silly.

I get hit in the head a lot.

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