Tuesday Twitter Tsunami

We asked our followers on Twitter to announce to the burglars world what kind of awesome Purdue Memorabilia they have. Not all of them are worth money, but everything is rich in history, memory and tradition.

We loved looking at your responses and we hope you do too. Hopefully current students can get an idea of what may be important to them in years to come and Alumni can have a little trip down memory lane.

  • @thuff - 2008-2009 Robbie Hummel Fan Jersey with every signature on it - including Bubba Day and a 'Purdue Media Locker Room Access' Sign from the 2009 NCAA tournament; Honorable Mention - Wiley Hall branded Lunch tray
  • @phoenyx29 - A black Purdue Cap with Brian Cardinal's Signature - and The Janitor himself retweeted this
  • @K_Beitvashahi - A Kerrigan Autograph and a throwback, autographed, gameworn Dennis Kelly Jersey 
  • @purdue_tailgate - A 15 year old Harry's Hoodie 
  • @billsaidwhat - stole an AAMB sign from Ross Ade
  • @RossMacLochness - Their Grandfather played pool with John Wooden before the Great Depression, and posted an awesome handmade 'PU' charm
  • @pencept - has a game ball from the 1976 Michigan game
  • @MrSpooky - posted his B1G Championship ring (Track and field)
  • @dwboiler - bought one of the Rose Bowl helmets and he has a signed Robinson Jersey
  • @dnorwich15 - has a shrine of Drew Brees in his apartment
  • @adamvandewalle - has a piece of the original Xtra Special that his father helped build
  • @jerees - has a spending problem; he has game worn jerseys, parts of Mackey, Drew's/Alstott's autograph and I don't like him.
Feel free to seach @BoiledSports on Twitter to get more items and find out how much people love to flirt with Bdowd.

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