UNC Lays A Turd

For those of you who, like me, get Sports Illustrated, at least UNC's losing will (hopefully) mean we don't have to see any more Tyler Hansbrough covers for a while. And what a lovely choice they made last week, with "Psycho-T" looking like he was making his dump face. Just what I'd want on a mag with millions in circulation.

It turned out to be appropriate, though, as UNC went out and laid down a fat, stinky turd, in going down 28 points to Kansas in the first half. Yeah, yeah, they made it close again, but that had more to do with Kansas suddenly playing like a team of me, Boilerdowd and Tim at the co-rec... seriously, what kinds of decisions were they making? That was really an ugly, poorly-played game, when you consider how good these two teams are supposed to be. Lots of bad decisions, poor shot selection, etc. Each team's runs were directly caused by terrible decisions and/or sloppy play by the other. My lovely wife even noticed, commenting, "Geez, this is sloppy." (Note: she makes this same comment after our puppy drinks water or after I make sweet love. Again, see, I saved you from having to make the joke yourself.)

Anyway, what's more important here is the Boiled Sports Tourney Pick 'Em Extravaganza, which is now led by CA Boilermaker, who can lock it up with a Memphis win tonight. If Kansas wins, A WHOLE LOT OF 3'S will take home the trophy.*

Interestingly, though, if that Kansas win happens, Mrs. Boilerdowd would wind up in fourth place with a very impressive showing (that's what she said). I would beat my co-editors (and 76 of you slackers) with a 7th-place finish.

So college basketball ends tonight. Not forever, of course. Just for the season. So get your fill of Bill Self's hair and Bob Knight's eyebrows.

*Note, tropy is metaphorical.

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