KU Wins; Somewhere Roy Williams Cries Softly

I can't even imagine what it feels like to see your school win a national title... so congrats Kansas fans. This must be amazing, especially to win such a terrific championship game.

I've always liked Kansas personally, and I think I've picked them to win it all about a half-dozen times (at least) over the last ten years. Their a consistently solid program that just isn't as inherently hate-able as Duke, UNC, UCLA, etc. Sure, there are those who hate them, but I think it's generally harder to. Maybe that's just me.

I have never liked Memphis, however, especially since the day back in about -- what? -- '96 or so, when Lorenzen Wright ghetto-balled the Tigers way past the Boilers in the tourney.

Still, as much as I've never liked Memphis, as this game got down to the final minutes, I really did find myself feeling bad that somebody had to lose. The game -- and the Final Four, really -- had what we all want: Exciting games between the best teams in the country. Can't ask for much more... unless you root for Memphis, that is.

Memphis' free-throw shooting finally did do them in, though I think it was more that Kansas was just a very resilient team. Either way, good show. Put Dickie V, Digger and Old Man Knight back into their formaldehyde jars now.

Midnight Madness in just seven months.

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