Big Ten Bloggers Poll: Week 7 (Still a lot left to play for Edition)

1. Indiana (21-4, 10-2) Best team in the league...and they showed their dominance v. MSU on Saturday.

2. Purdue (21-5, 12-1) Sure, you beat MSU, but that win was heavily de-valued on Saturday night. And yeah, yeah, you beat two top-ten teams in a row for the first time in the history of the program. But you played like dogmeat versus an awful Northwestern team during long stretches of Saturday's contest. In my mind, and hopefully your own, you still have a lot to prove and realize that nothing has been accomplished, yet.
3. Wisconsin (21-4, 11-2)
4. Ohio State (17-9, 8-5) Damnit, you guys are doing your best to make sure that five teams won't be invited to the dance. This one angers me because it will sting even worse if my Boilers lose you chumps in Columbus.
5. Minnesota (15-9, 5-7)
6. Penn State (12-12, 4-8)
7. Iowa (11-15, 4-9)
8. Illinois (11-15, 3-10) Coach Weber, you've made your stinky, smelly you've got to lie in it.
9. Northwestern (7-16, 0-12)
10. Michigan State (20-5, 8-4) I'm pissed at Izzo & Co. for the egg they laid at Ass Hall Saturday night...It's going to take quite a bit for Sparty to get out of my dog house.
7. Michigan (8-17, 4-9) Wolverines, you wouldn't be in this position if your damned student section hadn't run onto the court after the win on Sunday. You only have yourselves to blame.

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