First Verbal of 2010 is reporting that Charles Torwudzo from Brownsburg has chosen to come play with Purdue. Chuck T has very good size (6'4" 180#) catches the ball well with his hands and is nearly automatic on the high school level in "jump ball" situations. He plays Wideout for his high school team and returns punts as well.

He's not the most-fluid runner, but his choppy, high-knee strides seem to get him up to speed quickly while in traffic.

Tordwudzo was being recruited by a host of MAC schools and IU. A month-or-so ago, he announced that he was down to Purdue and IU.

Tordwudzo has a frame that could put on a bit of weight and might resemble Greg Orton a bit after a redshirt season...Like Orton, he should be a good possession target, but I don't know if his speed, at least at this point, is enough to get him behind BT DBs.

It's always good when a recruit chooses Purdue and doesn't choose IU...and Chuck T will probably be one of only a few players that Hope signs out of the state.

Welcome to God's country, Charles!

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