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Not a lot of players/personalities in the NBA make me want to watch the game...but I like Shaq O'Neal. He's one of the best, most-dominant big men of all least he was a few seasons ago. But, even when not on the top of his game, he's still great.

Well, he's now going to be teaming up with Bron Bron. If nothing else, it should be fun to watch. Both of these two are clowns; I mean that in a good way. Perhaps next season, I'll watch more than one NBA regular season game from start to finish...alright, maybe not, but highlights will be entertaining.

Another sport I don't watch is soccer. But, a few of my friends do- and I'm told the US team beat the No. 1 team in the world, Spain. The loss breaks Spain's 35-game unbeaten streak...and it helps the US team look like it doesn't suck, which it did the last ten days-or-so, I'm told. Congrats, soccer fan.

**This post should have been made by our resident Clevelander (a real NBA fan, mind you), but I did it instead because Tim's feet are still recovering from surgery.


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