Reacting to hazardous air hurts our feelings :(

Four US cyclists who wore masks over their nose and mouths over pollution fears when arriving in Beijing apologized Wednesday to Olympic organizers, the city of Beijing, and the people of China.

Let me get this straight and go over some of the facts here.

1. The US Olympic Committee issued all athletes these masks.
2. Beijing's air is horribly polluted.
3. Olympians are world class athletes.
4. Breathing hazardous air may impair your performance as a world class athlete.
5. You are trying win a gold medal in said Olympics.
6. You, as an athlete, want to prevent any impairment of your performance.

So because you don't want to give yourself immediate lung cancer you're seen as embarrassing the host country. Well you know what? El screw-o you-o. Let me flip you the bird there China. You know what should be more embarrassing to you? The fact that your air is so horrible that the average Beijing citizen wears a mask every day as they walk around your city.

If you had clean air then you wouldn't have athletes walking around wearing masks. I personally hope that 90% of the athletes walking in the opening ceremony are wearing masks. Who cares what China thinks about that. Your first priority as an athlete is to make sure that you're prepared for the games. If that means you don't want to breath soup, then I'm all for you protecting yourself.

A writer for the Seattle Times said it perfectly. "Apparently in the eyes of the U.S. Olympic Committee, winning at these Olympics comes secondary -- to honoring the Benevolent and Protective Host City of Beijing and people of China."

So ask yourself this question. Would you really want to breath this air?

Please God, let it stop!

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