Please God, let it stop!

There are two things in this picture. One is good, the other isn't. Hint, the one that's good is not Brent Fav-ray. It's the side profile of ESPN's Rachel Nichols.

Favre headed either to Bucs or Jets. His agent says Packers might trade quarterback as soon as Wednesday.

The sooner he is traded the sooner we'll stop with the constant Favre ticker on ESPN.

Breaking News! Brett Favre took a dump!

This just in, Brett Favre prefers panties over boxers.

The Pope seeks Favres advice. Should he excommunicate Mike McCarthy?

In rare double secret vote, Brett Favre is elected President.


The only good thing to come of this is the continuation of the Madden curse.

News Bulletin: Notre Dame Fans Remain Classy

Reacting to hazardous air hurts our feelings :(