All Cleveland All The Time

Celtics Looking Sharp at 0-5 On Road

Last night, the Cavs tied up the Celts in their second-round series with an invigorating 88-77 rockfight. During the game, LeBron got fouled by Paul Pierce and they stumbled into the crowd... right by Bron-Bron's mommy! And she got after Pierce for putting his hands on her golden meal ticket son.

I found this hilarious. Can you imagine the teasing LeBron is taking now? Maybe not much, actually, since he led his team over the Celtics for the second straight game. And as much as I have no doubt that Boston is a far superior team, talent-wise, I still feel that way about last year's Pistons, too, and LeBron showed that he was capable of single-handedly beating them, too. With or without mom.

The Celtics need to win on the road. Granted, they can go 4-3 in every series and win the title, but at some point a team is going to win in Boston. The Cavs should have won Game 1 there. And now's the perfect time to capitalize on a Boston team that must be wondering if they're as flawed as people are whispering they are. We'll see. I think the C's are good enough to get by the Cleveland LeBrons but there's no way this winless-on-the-road act will fly against Detroit. (Note, not writing off LeBron yet, just sayin'.)

The Rarest Sight in Baseball

You'd think that a perfect game would be the rarest of rarities in baseball, but you'd be wrong.

It's in fact the unassisted triple play, which has only been pulled off fourteen times in Major League Baseball history. That's a lot of effing games. And a dude named Ass-dribble Cabrera pulled it off last night. I just like calling him Ass-dribble. Mainly because 1) it's gross and 2) I'm an infant.

It was interesting to me that the Cavs and Indians (with Cliff Lee and his .7-something ERA) were the top two stories on SportsCenter last night as I drifted off to dreamland.

It's got to be kind of thrilling for Cleveland sports fans for their teams to be so relevant.

If only we had a writer on staff who was based in Cleveland and could comment on the sports happenings there. That would be really cool.

Oh well.

"What'd you say about Marv Levy?!?!"

Note To IU: You're Kidding Yourself