Boilermakers Slap OSU

Well, that was convincing. The Boilers made quick work of the Buckeyes in West Lafayette yesterday, smoking them by 25, their most lopsided Big Ten win of the season and their biggest rout since a couple of wins over hapless nonconference opponents back in December.

The biggest difference between this game and the Michigan game Thursday night was the following:

The Boilers shot the ball. No more putrid shooting really helps. Purdue shot 55% from the field and 47% from beyond the arc. (OSU - 44%, 24%) Add in our trademark stifling defense and the Bucknuts had no chance. Especially given who their coach is.

Big Shot Rob Hummel once again led the team in scoring with 17, which continues to leave us all wondering if this is a good sign or if it simply means nothing.... will the back act up at the worst possible time or is this what we have to look forward to? Because it's kind of awesome having him play and play well.

Nemmy got over his sniffles. The big Serb poured in 14, while Smooge added 11 and JJ had 12. A terrific all-around effort from the boys.

The defense was back. Chris Kramer remember he was Chris Kramer and played solid defense again. Maybe being at home helped, who knows?

Misc other info...

For those wondering about the green shirts, as you may or may not have heard, the Paint Crew was wearing them to honor Marcus Green, the last remaining player from Coach Painter's first recruiting class. After the game he went up and posed for pictures with the students. A nice touch by the Paint Crew.

So now we're rooting for Illinois to take down the Spartans today.... and then go to PSU and lose. While we beat MSU at MSU, of course. Oh, and without tripping up over Northwestern at home on Wednesday. Yeah, that's all.

Alright Forehead, I don't ask for much...

Boilers To Take On Enigmatic Bucknuts Led By Weird-Looking, Poor Coach