Alright Forehead, I don't ask for much...

I don't ask Bloomington for fact, I don't think I ask the cream and crimson for anything...but I'm making an exception this evening. Coach Forehead and your band of merry yes-men...Do me this one solid- beat the Spartans.

I know, I know, they're bigger, stronger, faster, more-athletic, more-experienced and much better-coached than you guys...but anything is possible, right? Crean has led IU to improvement-upon-improvement...wins over the always-respectable...uh...OK, nevermind, but wins, none-the-less...too many to focus upon individually right now. Dwayne Wade-type efforts have led to the BTN to remind us about IU's improvement each contest...and the never-say-die attitude so bravely-espoused by the Forehead himself has been the topic of conversation ad nauseum. Now's the time to see how much fight Dumes and Co. really have in them.

It really isn't beyond imagination that IU would beat MSU. I mean, these Hoosiers are a tough bunch...I'm rooting for the underdog, tonight...Go get number two, Hoosiers!!

Granted, none of us here at BS thought a Big Ten championship was in the cards after the rocky start to the BT season, but it's not an impossibility, yet. The only way a regular season banner can be earned in East Lansing this coming weekend for the black and gold is if our rivals to the South step up this evening in Ass Hall.

I warned you guys!!
Sorry for abandoning my post over the past few days...J and Tim did very well without me. But the UM game was predictable and painful. The motivated Wolverines were in control most of the game...and played like their post-season lives depended on it...Too bad they couldn't have played with a little-less-urgency as they did the very next game. Purdue and UM have a long and storied past of urinating in eachother's Fruit Loops; this season is no different, it seems.

aOSU Redux
Not much to say about this one other than, something something best-served chilled. The quote of the post-game goes to Thad Matta. He told his team after the game, "I brought boys to a man's fight." While he's absolutely right, that might not be the best motivational tactic for a bunch of former blue chips who have never been told anything but how great they are...Oh well. The nuts do look like they're in pretty good shape for the NCAA tourney though; you can't say the same for the Wolverines who seem to be the seventh team in line for a six-team gig.

My favorite photo from the game comes from GBI's Tom Campbell:
Green looks as happy as a school boy...what's the story with the one guy in the gray sweatshirt? Did Green steal his girl? Who knows. What we do know, is Buckets and Nemmy better get some love from the Paint Crew on Thursday. Make it happen, yo! Perhaps a smattering of people with buckets on their heads with eyes cut out? Or young co-eds with the Serb flag painted on their upper bodies a la the World Cup? Get creative.

I'm excited about Wednesday night- here's to the Paint Crew making NU pay for even pretending to believe they belonged competing with our Boilers. Hopefully, Senior Night proves to be a decided advantage, because NU has played very well on the road at times this season.

Post-Season Awards
Coach Painter has been named as a finalist for one of the COTY awards. That's good- he's deserving. But, I don't think he'll get the nod. If I was voting, I'd put Painter in third after Brad Stevens and Mike Montgomery...But, I'm not voting.

That leads us to another discussion- Who on this year's squad will receive accolades? I think JJ, Hummel, Smooge and The Ostrich will all get some love...and maybe even LewJack. But, I think JJ will be the only out-right All-Big Ten player. We'll know soon.

Don't Sleep on the Wildcats

Boilermakers Slap OSU