What Say You, Clevelander?

It's time for our resident Clevelander to step up to the mike and tell us what's going on. LeBron is single-handedly carrying the Cavs to the NBA Finals and has many people jumping on board the bandwagon. Our very own co-author Tim from right here at Boiled Sports grew up in the Cleveland suburbs and continues to live there now.

In college, we were subjected to his Cavs jacket, his Craig Ehlo posters and his insistence that Mark Price was the best clutch free-throw shooter of all time and should be in the Hall of Fame.

I got to hear all about how Michael Jordan ruined his childhood, with some significant help from John Elway.

I had to watch as the Indians went to two World Series during our college years and lost series that they should have won both times.

And now the Cavs are in the NBA Finals for the first time ever. And we need to hear from Tim. What this means to him, what he's feeling right now, what the mood is like in Cleveland. I mean, we have a reporter on site for the NBA Finals! We need to put him to good use.

So, Tim, please step up and tell us what's going on. And continue to do so during the Finals. You owe it to yourself and Cleveland to entertain us on the inner workings of a Cleveland fan's brain.

You talkin' to me?!? You talkin' to me!?!

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