You talkin' to me?!? You talkin' to me!?!

Since I have been called out, I suppose I should man-up and submit something useful. After all, who knows when the next time a Cleveland sports team will actually be on the verge of winning something. I'm relatively certain that the next time (and possibly this time) will end in some heart breaking unheard of finish.

It could very well be that the Browns will be up by 7 with 12 seconds left and Boise State will throw a hook- and-ladder and run it in for a touchdown and then Michael Jordan will run a Statue of Liberty play from mid field and dunk over Craig Ehlo's head. Then in over-time, Tony Fernandez will fumble the ball and Charles Nagy will continue to suck.

I ran my automated Cleveland sports story for the Cavs and this is what it generated.

"The Cleveland Cavaliers play host to the San Antonio Spurs tonight in game 3 of the NBA finals. The Cavs, down 2-0 to the Spurs, have really got to find a way to fight through the chronic diarrhea that is plaguing the entire team. They will have to do so without their leading scorer, LeBron James. As has been well documented, James' spine fell out when he was walking off of the chartered plane. Things have not been this dreary for the Cavaliers since Michael Jordans' shot over Craig Ehlo in 1989."

Now you may notice that even my automated program has not failed to mention Jordans' shot over Ehlo. What's the over under for seeing the freaking play during the pre-game of game 1? I say 4. It was nearly 20 years ago! Give it up!

My only hope is that by referencing this event myself, I will somehow break it's stranglehold upon the entire city of Cleveland.

Can you hold? I got a guy on the other line who wants to buy some whitewalls...

What Say You, Clevelander?