Coke Zero Wants To Put You On TV

I imagine we're not the only Big Ten blog to get this note today, but a gentleman from contacted us this morning regarding Purdue fans maybe having a chance to get in a Coke commercial. I'm not usually one to respond to these kinds of things, but I know how creative you sexy BS readers are, so I'll let the note explain:

With the NCAA Tournament brackets finally set and the Boilermakers heading to the Big Dance against Northern Iowa this Thursday (after exciting Big Ten title win), I wanted to let you know you that Coke Zero is giving fans a chance to be in their new TV commercial airing before the championship game on April 6th. There are no video or photo entries for Purdue yet on the "March Madabase" -- -- so now is the chance for Boilermaker fans to put themselves in the spotlight as a Big Ten champs (there are entries for conference rivals like Illinois and OSU).

All Purdue fans have to do to enter is upload their most passionate videos/photos supporting their team, and they could be featured in a national Coke Zero TV ad on college basketball's biggest night. Check out this video for your fellow Big Ten team, the Fighting Illini, as an example:

Head over to the official "Taste the Madness" site to submit entries and view videos/photos from colleges around the country:

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