Eric Gordon Continues Thinking He's Awesome

Eric Gordon continues making solid decisions in his life, announcing that he's hiring an agent (as though he didn't already do that, wink wink) and declaring for the NBA draft.

Sure, I know, he averaged 20 points a game this year. But he's 19 years old, he shot 43% from the floor in college (and 34% from three, which doesn't get easier in the NBA) and he's 6'4" according to media guides... which means, what? 6'2"?

But yeah, I guess he's polished and ready for the NBA. He has the experience of 33 whole college games and has an 0-2 record in the postseason. I'm not sure what else he has to learn, so he should definitely move on.

Look, I know it's good for Purdue for IU to continue to plummet (and they are plummeting, make no mistake, IU mouth-breathers), but a guy like Gordon thinking that he's this good is kind of silly. He might indeed go high in the draft, but this isn't a guy who's shown a great work ethic and he's done his share of pouting and acting like a baby. And maybe he should get a pass on that because he is only 19. But he let Kelvin Sampson swindle him into coming to IU (maybe with a duffel bag of cash, who knows?) and he clearly lets his overbearing father meddle in a lot of his decisions... [Ed Note: I stand corrected -- by all accounts, Eric Gordon actually was at that practice in question. I take it all back -- he's a great guy and a star in the making.]

So, hey, prospective NBA team: Make sure you don't fire your coach if Eric likes him. He might quit on your team the way the IU players quit on Dan Dakich.

Whatever, go get rich, Eric. You're a classy guy. You deserve it.

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