We Have A Weiner

So clearly, the biggest winner last night wasn't Bill Self or Kansas or everyone who hates Memphis... no, it was reader Nick B for his winning entry, A WHOLE LOT OF 3'S. Nick (if that is indeed your real name) was consistent as hell, scoring 24 points in the first, second, third and fourth rounds, followed up by 16 in the semis and 32 in the national title. So he averaged 24 points per round for an impressive total of 144 points. He went 47-16 overall, which is pretty damn good.

Other honorable mentions have to include Mrs. Boilerdowd, who wound up in fourth place, which is just amazing. I led my co-editors here with a seventh-place finish, while Boilerdowd ended up in 14th and Tim was in 37th. Also of note, I successfully defended my sports honor against my wife, who after a very impressive start ended up 54th (still ahead of almost 30 of you). So I've got honor. And as we all know, once you get on her, stay on her. (Sorry, that's terrible.)

Anyway, so what does Nick B win for his trouble? Well, we thought it over and considered giving him a Nintendo Wii, a picture of Tim's sideboobs and a diaper from Boilerdowd's son (no telling what surprise might be in there). However, we decided that was all not enough fun so we're offering the Champeen of the BS Tourney Challenge Extravaganza his own post on this little-read, non-respected site that Terry Hutchens thinks sucks (seriously, he emailed me to tell me that... we'll be talking about it sometime, don't worry).

So, Nick B of A WHOLE LOT OF 3'S fame... shoot us an email at BoiledSports@gmail.com and let us know if you'd like to claim your prize. We'll give you a space here on Friday morning so plan on writing whatever you want to write by Thurs night or early Friday morning and send it on over.

Congrats to you, my good man.

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