Fact Fondue - Notre Dame

Alright lady and gentlemen, the big leagues. Our first real opponent to put in the old red painted pot and poke with really long forks as they melt over a potable flame.

  • Founded in 1842; current enrollment approaches around 12,000 students with a 12:1 student to teacher ratio
  • Originally was founded as an all male school - Yes the University of 'Our Lady' was an all male school
  • All residence halls are single gender; there are 29 residence halls
  • Originally began as a Elementary and High School 
  • 62 former players are in the College Football Hall of Fame; 7 Heisman Trophies - one to an offensive lineman
  • South Bend is only 6 Miles away from the Michigan state line - We almost didn't have to deal with them..
  • Alumni Facts
    • Notre Dame has 3 astronaut alumni - just sayin'
    • The FORMER (Thanks to Ben C) Purdue Dean of Science Jeffery Vitter graduated from ND
    • Jennifer Robbins, one of the pioneers in web design, graduated in 87
    • Dick Vitale's two daughters went to ND and played Volleyball for them
    • Steve Bartman - the fan that interfered with a catch in the 2003 NLCS (and the topic of ESPN's 30 for 30 - Catching Hell) graduated in 99 - Side note, he was wearing a bright green shirt under his cubs jersey. I would be willing to wager that it was a Notre Dame shirt; Upon further research - 'The Shirt' for 03 was bright green.
      • From the comments: A few minor corrections about Steve Bartman. ESPN's documentary started out as a 30 for 30, but was not released as such as they realized it was good enough to be a stand alone ESPN documentary.
        Also, he was wearing a dark blue renegades sweatshirt over his green turtleneck, not a Cubs jersey.
  • Notre Dame has a Rose Bowl Win - 1925, against Stanford
  • The legendary Four Horsemen (the 1924 Irish's legendary backfield) and their O-Line both have beers named after them
  • Each season the official football shirt gets a ceremony like it was the pope visiting campus - here is the archive of past shirts and more information.
  • The most points scored against ND in South Bend was by Purdue (1960); the most points scored against Purdue in Ross Ade was by ND (1983)
  • In 1902 is the last time the series was tied.
  • Purdue won the first game in 1896 in South Bend; Purdue victories (26) - 13 at Home, 12 on the Road, 1 at a neutral site (Hoosier Dome, 1984)
  • Until 2004, Purdue had a 30 year losing streak in South Bend (15 games)
  • Notre Dame versus the B1G
    • 2006 - The only time the B1G has faced Notre Dame outside the regular season ( Fiesta Bowl - O$U won)
    • Played all teams
    • Winning record against: Indiana (23-5-1), Illinois (11-0), Iowa (13-8), Michigan State (45-28), Minnesota (4-0), Northwestern (37-8), Purdue (54-26-2), Wisconsin (8-6-2)
    • Losing record against:: Michigan (15-22), Ohio State (2-3), Nebraska (7-8-1)
    • Penn State series is tied (9-9-1)

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