Making Big Noise

Terone Johnson is the headliner of a stout incoming class in 2010

Matt Painter's recruiting efforts aren't only being noticed by schmoes like us here at BS...but Matty and Co. are getting some publicity for the class of '10 nationally as well. Next year's class is in the top 10 nationally, according to Rivals...That's good news...but, the really bad news is, that very same class is 4th in the Big Ten, according to the same mag. I guess an era similar to the mid-90s in the BT might be just around the corner with the tsunami of talent rushing into the league.

So, as our Boilers improve, so does everyone else around us. No matter...if the talent level is that high and Painter's pulling the strings, it's going to be fun. Anyway, wouldn't you rather have Painter at the helm with the 10th-best class than Matta at the helm of the first-best? I would, especially when I think about the record that aOSU has had lately with guys leaving after their Frosh, the Buckeyes class is simply large since it has six newcomers...Stability is clearly something being sought in West Lafayette.

Hopefully Matty's found that "golden" range of players that are great, but not the type of kids that want to leave after just one season in West Lafayette. We shall see.

Destined To Fail

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