Destined To Fail

I'm a huge football fan...I'm going to my second high school game this weekend just because I want to watch the game. I even watched AFL games in person back when there was a team in Indy. And I know that's really not football...but it's played with a ball that's almost like a real football.

Anywho, I just read on the GBI board that Gene Mruczkowski signed to play in the United Football League.
And while I'm always happy to see more football...and really happy that a Boilermaker is still playing the game and getting paid to do so...I feel that it won't be that way for Gene too long, at least in the UFL.

It's not any fault Mruckowski, it's just that it doesn't seem like this league's gonna be around too long. Granted, the most recent start-up football league doesn't have any affiliation with WWF...which is a plus. And, they've got some big name coaches and execs involved; that's promising. But, you'd think that with all of the old-fashioned football minds involved, they'd be able to do better than this:

Feast your eyes on the unis of the UFL. Clearly, the league brass has spent too much on talent to invest any money in design or equipment circa post-1990. I'd love to see this league succeed, but honestly, if their braintrust believes that is the look of a football player, they probably have some other whacked-out ideas of what makes America's new past-time great.
Heck, the league site boasts that it is where "Future Stars Come to Play."

I think it's a good idea to market the product as a feeder to the NFL...but, looking at some of the players on the four teams, it seems like it's the league where some guys are just barely hanging on. That's not the case for Gene M, because he seemed to be a guy who could have had a roster spot on a lot of NFL teams, but the majority are has-beens and never-will-bes. You know who would help them next season? Brett Favre!!

Good luck UFL, seriously...I want you to succeed. I'm just not optimistic.

The league kicks off on October 8.

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