News Bulletin: Notre Dame Fans Remain Classy

Wow. So as you probably have seen if you're a scouring scoundrel of the Interwebs, The Big Lead took some flak from ND "fans" over posting the fairly innocuous pictures of Jimmy Clausen drinking at a party. Well, the drinking was fairly tame -- the outfits were fairly embarrassing.

As TBL displays in a post today, here's an example of an email he received regarding those pics:


What kind of scum sucking c**t posts pictures of college kids drinking beer at a party?

I don’t give a sh*t if it was J**** F**king Ch****, only a worthless cocksucker trades in this kind of sh*t.

F*ck you.

I can only assume this email came from Charlie Weis, Rudy or Jimmy Clausen's mom.

And yeah, I know, I know, one mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, douchenozzle doesn't represent an entire fan base... sure, sure, I've heard that before. And it's true.

Most of the time.


Also, hey, if you didn't bother clicking through to see the other pics TBL has, here's perhaps my favorite one. Is that a shredded bottom shirt Jimmy Montana is wearing? Oh, dear, does our hero also tie the little shirt off to the side in order to expose his midriff while prancing around his room wearing leg-warmers and aerobecizing to "Maniac"?

Recruit chooses Boilers over Auburn

Please God, let it stop!