Sideboob Friday Redux

Yes, SBF is still on unofficial hiatus. But just like a crappy TV show that a lousy network has nothing better to replace, it's yet to be cancelled completely. No, SBF will still show up now and then, just on a less frequent basis than before. Maybe monthly, maybe month-end... or maybe today, as a little treat for you good little monkeys.

Longtime reader and shit-stirrer, Scotty Leisure, sent us these pics from the file on his computer labeled "spank bank." And while these are not the traditional BS definition of sideboobies, well, they're still good stuff.

I imagine she doesn't choke right before scoring. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Perfect form, tucking the ball in and cradling it like it's delicate. The pefect way to handle balls.

Honestly, what kind of Boilermaker would she be without a nice caboose?

So there you go. Pictures of a chick, and up early for those of you who demand it. Have a stellar Friday and a safe weekend.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs inconsistently in this space. If you'd like to force us to continue running this fan favorite feature, take matters into your own hands as Scotty did and hit us up at After all, who doesn't like taking matters such as sideboobs into their hands? I know I sure do.

Maybe that deal wasn't so good after all...

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