Sports Thoughts

Brawl in Boston
I always find baseball "fights" know, at best, they look like a couple of middle school girls pushing and shoving, usually. Not tonight at Fenway. That melee was pretty nasty. Crisp had been brewing since last game...and before it erupted tried the old rope-a-dope tactic as he acted as if he was heading to first before charging the mound. Then, Shields from TB threw a haymaker (note: Shields probably didn't know that Crisp used to be a boxer) that Crisp avoided and then Coco was promptly pummeled by two or three Rays including Gomes who shot out of the dugout and was simply looking to get involved before being pulled off. That was probably not the most noteworthy fight of the game.

Maybe Manny was being Manny or Youkilis instigated it, but the two Red Sox got engaged in fisticuffs in the Sox dugout later in the same contest. That's not something you normally see from a team that seems to be hitting their stride. This could be pretty detrimental to the Sox as the season progresses if it's not smoothed over in a hurry.

Triple Crown?
I'm not a big horse racing guy...but I like seeing history being made in sport. I'm really rooting for Big Brown to win the third leg of the Triple Crown on Saturday...Heck, I might even tune in to see the race...Maybe.

I thought Dwayne Wade was acting like a school girl when he was taken off of the court in a wheel chair last season for a shoulder injury...I simply have to be just as critical of Paul Pierce's theatrics this evening during the game v. LA. Reminiscent of Scott Martin being carried off by Nemanja Calasan early last season for the Boilermakers, Pierce left the floor by being carried by teammates and sobbing...then of course, riding up the tunnel IN A WHEELCHAIR! Not long after, he was not only playing, but simply lighting up the Lakers.

I'm not saying he wasn't hurting, but the way it all happened seemed like it was a bit much from a veteran of Pierce's age.

Some Purdue News???
A friend of mine who stops by the site from time to time asked me why we haven't had any Purdue-related entries of late. Simple answer? Nothing's going on. Sure, there's speculation about recruiting in both basketball and football, but nothing really noteworthy. But, a nugget came out yesterday that was kind of interesting.

Joe Tiller sounded off about the Torri Williams situation saying that he's still not off of the team. He expounded a bit by saying that Williams has never been a bad teammate, uncoachable player or trouble maker in the locker room...he just hasn't been able to stay out of trouble. So, he thinks it best that he waits to see if Williams ends up in jail before making his final decision.

Alright, I can understand some of what he's saying. But, I'd argue that this lasez faire coaching style has been the bain of Tiller the last few seasons. Sure, it's been an entire year since we've seen any serious legal problems from our Boiler football team (hooray?), but this thing needs to be handled swiftly. Why? Well, from my perspective, repeat offenses and lawless behavior associated with Purdue's football team are pretty embarrassing to me as an alum and fan. Honestly, I don't care if he's not a problem in the locker room- his rap sheet tells you that he is one to society.

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