Classy Sox Fans "Welcome" Buckner

The Boston Red Sox had their home opener today and deservedly had their fun. They got their World Series rings and had a nice day for the cermony. Classy touches included a ginormous American flag covering the green monster.

But then they did this...

Wow. That... that might be the most vomit-inducing, contrived bullspit I've ever seen.

So let me get this straight.... Red Sox fans are "forgiving" a guy who gave his heart and soul to the franchise and then made one critical error in an inning where the manager and the bullpen all conspired to yank Red Sox fans hearts out? Somehow Buckner, as we all know, got blamed for the Sox '86 collapse, but it was far from his fault. Wild pitches, giving up three hits in a row with two outs, etc... all more at fault than Buckner's error. And yet he was positively vilified and his name spit out by Boston fans like he was pure dirt. To the point where his family -- and he -- couldn't take it and decided to move to freaking Idaho. I think he should have walked out there and given the finger, then walked away.

Yet now, after two titles and 22 years, all is forgiven and you're "welcomed" back, Bill. Classy, Boston fans. Of course, about half of you began watching baseball in 2004 and don't even know who this guy is.

From this story...

“This is the reward for all the stuff I did last year,” said Sam MacSay, a 17-year-old from Brighton wearing a blue and red wig who ditched class at Fenway High School and bought a ticket on e-Bay for today’s game.


MacSay did not say how much he paid, but argued that it was worth the inflated price because he attended or watched all 162 regular season games in 2007.

Or at least checked the box score. Wow, you're a fan. Whoop-dee-doo.

Add the playoff and the World Series and, he said, “it took over my life.”

Yes, your life. Such as it is.

“I should be getting a ring too,” MacSay said.

No, loser. You shouldn't.

Oh, and what was that I saw with guys in Celtics and Bruins uniforms? What are they trying to point out? That their other sports franchises once won titles, too? What's the matter, could you guys not find your indoor lacrosse team to honor, too? How ridiculous.

Wow, the Celtics last won a title in 1986, the same year the Sawx choked one away! Awesome! And the Bruins, well, they won the Stanley Cup most recently in 1972! Sweet! What does any of this have to do with baseball? I think if the Yankees win it all, they should have the 1973 Knicks at their ring ceremony as well as the 1983 Islanders. That would make about as much sense.

Yes, I'm biased and yes, I hate the Red Sox. But come on, they're making it easier and easier.

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