Oh, the Outrage

In a story you may or may not have seen, this little twit to the left got the pictured autograph from Yankee rookie Shelley Duncan during the recent Yankees-Red Sox series. And now he and his mommy are acting like his growth has been stunted by this callous, horrendous act.

Yeah, right.

Look at this little wank? All dressed in his Red Sox gear, already on his way to growing up to be yet another bitter, obnoxious New Englander who would rather see the Yankees lose than the Red Sox win. And do you think maybe... just maybe he has ever uttered "Yankees suck"? Ever? Hmm? If you answer no, you're either clueless or a liar.

Duncan was being funny because a little kid in a group of fans no doubt telling Shelley how bad his team sucks and, hey, he signed the autograph! Isn't ESPN and every other East coast media outlet always talking about how amazing this rivalry is? And then when a player verifies it for a kid who is growing to love baseball by writing this -- a thing said on every playground from Jersey to Maine about one team or the other -- well then, what's so wrong with it?

Just take it easy on the forced outrage, Boston.

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