You Know How I Know You're Gay?

You dress like a teletubby.

That's "Dice-K" Fatsuzaka in the picture, dressed as a Teletubby. For those that don't know, major legaue teams haze their rookies during late-season road trips every year, forcing them to dress in weird ways for flights to other cities. The Orioles, for instance, chose to dress their players as gorillas, nurses and cheerleaders.

The Red Sox? Well, Dice-K was a teletubby, Okajami and Ellsbury were "female pirates" (presumably a Terry Francona fantasy), Clay Bucholtz was Minnie Mouse (clearly a Manny fetish) and Brandon Moss was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (could be anyone's preference).

The lesson? Clearly the Red Sox are gay.

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