Practice Finally Begins

Due to lousy scheduling (Purdue's first week is actually a bye) that can only be blamed on Purdue, our Boilers started practice a week later than everybody else. Maybe that's part of the reason that EVERYONE came back healthy...and academically eligible. Tiller says this is the first time he can remember such a situation occurring...I think I'd go one step further, it's never even been close to being this ideal as practice commenced during Tiller's 11 previous seasons. But, there was some bad news from West Lafayette-


A guy who I thought had a lot of promise and that would probably make the two-deeps next season is off of the team. Malcolm Harris, who hails from New Jersey has officially been removed from the roster due to conduct issues.

In better news...
As camp finally began for Purdue, Brandon King, my son's pal (see below), will be moved back to his natural position of CB. I talked to Brandon prior to the spring game, and he believed it was going to happen when the fall resumed. With Williams' issues and the lack of depth at Safety, I didn't see King's prediction coming to fruition...It has, at least for now.

lil' Boilerdowd and Brandon King

Hopefully, we'll have more info from camp, but since it's closed to eyes outside of the program, there's not always a whole lot to report. Regardless, it's great to hear that football is getting closer.

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