Why I can't stand IU

If you're in the Indianapolis area, you know of "The Drive" radio show hosted by John Michael. Michael is a local Jim Rome wanna-be who hosts a usually pretty-solid late afternoon sports talk show. Michael grew up an IU fan, but usually doesn't show his Cream and Crimson roots, today was an exception. He decided to host his show from Bloomington's version of Harry's and his co-hosts were Todd Leary, Brian Evans, Pat Graham and Fred Hoiberg (for some reason). Hoiberg was funny as he said the only rivalry in the nation that was close to ISU v. Iowa was UNC v. Duke...Leary, Evans & Graham on the other hand helped jogged my memory of why I can't stand Ass Hall, the shills that sit in its poorly-designed walls or IU's ex-players.

These three former Knight recruits and players, two of whom are current members of the media (one a print "journalist" the other on the radio), bantered like me and my friends, when we were 15. No joke, they spat vitriol

I was out-of-town on business, so I couldn't chime in on the banter today. But, it's always nice

IU deserved to win.

Purdue vs IU: For A Substantial Amount of Marbles