IU deserved to win.

The calling cards of this Purdue team during the last 11 games have been timely shooting, smart defense and good free throw shooting. Until about 8:00 left in the game, our Boilers really had not done any of the three. One positive was Scott Martin played well at times and nearly took the game over. Martin desperately needed to find his confidence and his stroke for both his and his team's sake. JaJuan Johnson played well during the first half, Kramer played well in the second half and Hummel finally got on track offensively late in the game. All that said, the team that deserved to win in Ass Hall tonight was IU. D.J. White, who was clearly hobbled played tough as the underweight Purdue bigs could do nothing to answer White's effort. Eric Jordan carried, lowered his shoulder and palmed his way to quite a few points...and Armon Bassett shot very well and Purdue didn't seem to understand that he was allowed to shoot from beyond the arc.

While I'm upset about the outcome, I'm flat-out angry that Delaney's brain trust has allowed this to happen...by the way, it's this way again next season, only converse...The problem is, this is the second time in a row that the BT has given IU the only home game...it also happened in the '03 season.

I'm also pissed that Kramer didn't give EJ something extra to remember the game by. And I don't like the fact that all of the players are "buds" after the game. While I think the rivalry might be back for the fans, it's no where near where it was 10, 15, 20 years ago. That said, Matt Painter did his part in letting Sanctions know that he's not a fan of the soon-to-be ex-IU coach after the game by barely acknowledging him during the forced pleasantries.

IU Fans celebrate Tuesday Night's Victory

IU fan, enjoy the victory, your team earned it. Revel in it...and send a big thank you to Jim Delaney for taking away the possibility of retribution*. After that, say your goodbyes to your cheating coach. Your Hoosiers rallied around a losing cause over the past two games, they treaded water to keep a sinking freighter afloat, but alas this exercise is for not. McRobbie wants this issue to be put to bed, it will be so Friday afternoon, if not before. I hope your boy Greenspan's not too close to the S.S. Sanctions because the suction of a sinking vessel can be strong.
*The basketball gods will allow a rematch in Indy next month

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