A Good Start

This one kinda seemed like a video game...one in which you're playing someone who never played before

It was 22-3 with nine-tenths of the game still remaining...It was over before it started.

The Ostrich and JJ shot well, Purdue hit free throws and CSN was icy after their long trip to God's country...the Matadors really didn't even get a chance to get warmed-up and the contest was out of reach.

The squad that visited Mackey earlier tonight didn't resemble the team that gave Memphis all it could handle last March...CSN graduated six of its top-seven scorers last spring and EsPN's pre-game "star" watch focused on a player who averaged 8.9/gm...They were simply overmatched.

J had an interesting observation about Cal St. Northridge- in spite of heavy attrition, they have zero Freshman on the roster. The odd recruiting strategy of going solely after JuCo players looks like it might not have worked, if this evening is any gauge.

In spite of being up by 33 points at the half, I don't think Purdue played all that well. The early deficit, while it allowed the Freshman to play, didn't give the core players a chance to get into rhythm with one-another. All the starters saw a decent amount of minutes, but not too many together. Guys like Byrd, Barlow, Smith & Bade were given the chance to play significant minutes with the help of one or two of the starters at a time.

DJ Byrd scored 13, but really took the game over effectively at one point. Kelsey Barlow was also impressive...but most-noteworthy was a flush he had over two CSN defenders in the second half after a drive that started on the other side of the timeline. Bade looked uncomfortable at times missing a few layups, but he did have 9 rebounds. And speaking of rebounding, I liked the way Ryne Smith rebounded- he has clearly matured mentally in the off-season.

Not a whole lot to talk about other than the Paint Crew was in mid-season form and seems to be trying some new things- good to hear. Keep in mind that tonight's contest was without two guys who were lost due to injury- one would have started, the other would have at least seen 5-7 minutes...Things look solid for the 7th-ranked team in the land.

Purdue has a week off before playing in the US Virgin Islands v. South Dakota State.

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