Cup 'O Gumbo for Thursday

On Twitter, message boards and this site, the reaction to Daniels' appointment to Purdue's presidency has made a splash.  National news outlets have picked up the story, and this state's news is ablaze with the story.  Some Purdue alums don't like the appointment- for those of you who think the president should have a doctorate; hey, I can see that point...but to you guys, check the resume and the ability of the man to lead.  For those of you who just don't like the guy because of his politics, I'm not sure if anything will get you guys on board with our new man, Mitch.  But, it was made official about an hour and one-half it or not.

Anyone who was named to this post would garnered some grumbling and angst; I'm sure of that.  Purdue's alumni association, professors and TAs, current students and fans are too large of a group to be homogenous in their opinions.  But, Purdue went big with this...and I love that.  And if you think this was a publicity stunt, I think you're off-base.  The trustees and Daniels said that his contract would be a five agreement...If this was just to be a splashy hire with no meat to it, I'd think it would be a two-year deal.  And yes, I am aware of the 65 year old rule for Purdue presidents...and I'm sure you're also all aware that that rule can be over-ridden through exceptions made by the board; which they're correctly making in two years.

My favorite part of this appointment is the reaction that I've heard with my own ears from my friends who are IU alums and fans.  This kinda sums it up: "The day Daniels is announced as Purdue's President will be an awful day for IU."  Indeed. Purdue caught a big that IU would love to have.  Well done, search committee.

So long, Doug.  We Hardly knew ye.
Sophomore RB, Doug Gentry is not returning to Purdue, according to GBI and EsPN. Gentry had a solid Spring and Black/Gold game (based on stories...not my eye witness account because I wasn't allowed to watch) and looked to be around the third man on the depth chart, at least to start the fall.

Purdue's running back stable looked to be jam-packed in '12 before Bolden went down v. IU.  And even then, things still seemed pretty solid.  But, this defection, as inconsequential as it might seem to some of you, does matter. I think he would have carried the ball quite a bit, especially in the first few months of the season as Bolden mends.

So Shavers and Hunt will enter the season as the clear 1 & 2.  After that, Nord might have to get creative. With both Bolden and Cottom trying to get back to 100%, the third back in the rotation will probably be a committee of slot receivers...but, if one of the speedy incoming Freshman shows a knack for getting to the second level, they might see the field a year early.

I look for Edison, Mostert...and even Henry to play a little running back this fall...and the Freshman that I like? I wouldn't be surprised to see Anthrop, Knauf or even one of the dual-threat QBs to make some noise in the backfield.  If nothing else, these guys have speed to burn and great vision.  Regardless, camp could be interesting. At this point though, it's all speculation.

In Case you missed it...
The current, and crappy, BCS system might be replaced with a 4-team mini tournament, starting in 2014. The two games that will lead to the championship will be current bowl sites...and the Championship will revolve, much like the current final four in basketball.

The only hurdle in front of the change is that all of the university presidents need to sign on to the new agreement at the end of this month...but that looks to be all but a formality at this point as the big conferences are already on board.

One thing that still might wreak havoc with this is that some conference re-alignement is still possible as a few schools are flirting with potential suitors...but the B1G doesn't look like it will be directly affected by any of those potential shifts.

Don't get me wrong- I love a group of people and computers deciding who the best two teams are; I don't know why every league in the world doesn't adopt that brilliant methodology for deciding who the true champ is.  BUT, a four-team mini-tournament should do OK too.

In all seriousness, I'd love to see a bigger tournament; 8-team, perhaps...but this is a step forward, and will eliminate some of the murky water that surrounds the lousy system that exists.

The Twittermaphone says...
The Purdue basketball team has been working out and getting ready for the Italian tour and (in the long view), the season next fall/winter.  The new guys, specifically AJ Hammons, have noted how difficult these off-season workouts have been...and many are learning what tough love from Matty is about. Good.

Last season, Painter's hellish workouts weren't attended by as much of the team as usual because of a ton of guys coming off of surgeries and injury...this year is different.  And while Purdue lost a legend in #4, this team might be a more-cohesive unity come November, due to the sheer amount of healthy bodies that are able to take the punishment now.

Good Riddance.
I've never been much of a club or bar you can take this with a grain of salt. But, I'm pretty happy with what I just read on the Exponent's website.

Where Else?, the West La La hangout and arrest location bar, will be demolished in favor of apartments in the near future.  No word on if Where Else? will be rebuilt in a new location...hope not.

I've been there about 5 times...and didn't like it...and all of the stories I hear about the place range between meh and it stinks. Plus, it seems to be the place where more Purdue athletes are arrested than any other locale.  Sure, that's not the bar's fault...but maybe, just maybe, guys who play football and basketball for Purdue will decide that an apartment is a suitable place to throw back a few pops in the future? One can dream.

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