Mitch Daniels to Move a Bit North

France Cordova's time as President is nearly over...and I'm kinda "meh" about her time in power (at best). Her predecessor, Jische, only held the post for 8+ years, but raised an immense amount of money for Purdue and spearheaded some large building projects.  I believe the campus changed more in those 8 years than it had in the previous 25.  And the guy who was there for 13 of those 25, the president when I was on campus, Beering seemed to be more of an administrator than fundraiser and politician-type.  In fact, Beering reminded me a bit of a principal of a large high school- everyone knew who he was, not many knew him or saw him around campus, and not many liked him either.

Definitely not going to be a VP candidate

Now, the current Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels is set to follow Cordova after nearly six years at the post.  Daniels is a guy that most people in Indiana either love or hate...but I think he'll be a pretty good fit for one of the most conservative educational institutions in the Midwest.

Political views aside, Daniels record is pretty conservative*...and personally, he's been known to call himself "cheap".  Plus, I think it'll be easier to believe he's actually interested in basketball or football games than Cordova.  That might have been the biggest rub to me about Purdue's current Pres- it always looked forced to me when she was at a game...but at least she tried; not all University presidents do that.

No one will ever question Cordova's fact, she's an academian's academian who spent most of her career on or around a college campus.  Daniels though, is a politician...and most of his career has been either in office, or working for someone who was elected.

The big question is: How does this affect Boiled Sports? Probably not at all.  Just like the previous presidents, unless you're looking for something to complain about, it won't matter much to you.  BUT, Cordova and the Board of Trustees have taken a higher percentage of the BTN TV contract money than any other institution in the conference.  That, at least to me, is garbage...and as the arms race for bigger and better facilities in the B1G allows even IU and Northwestern to build sizable, high-end football offices and training rooms, Purdue's athletics can't afford to take such a the long term.

But, the decision of how the funds are taken and allocated is probably going to be out of Daniels' hands.  But one thing is sure- the next president will probably help decide who the next AD is since Burke probably won't keep that office for the next this decision will have an effect on the athletic department, and most-importantly, Boiled Sports.

We're pretty critical when Purdue screws things it's only fair to throw down some praise when the university does something right- My opinion is that Purdue got this one right.  The guy knows how to lead, has a tremendous resume and has a recognizable name that much of the state knows and respects. Well played, put some more money back into the hands of the athletic department.

*conservative meaning he doesn't spend a ton of money

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