Elsewhere in College Basketball

We'll get back to our continuing coverage of Kelvin Sampson dousing his career is gasoline and then merrily smoking a victory cigar in a moment, but for now I wanted to point out two other college basketball stories involving coaches.

This first one amuses me so much. Roy Williams and Coach K are beginning to get a little testy with one another. Williams even used "dadgum" in one of his comments so you know it's heated.
Apparently, Coach K thinks the Heels are being a bit excessive in the way they publicize how injured their stars are and how the team is so depleted by injuries. Well, excuse the hell out of me, Coach, but I have to say that if my team was a top 5 squad despite having lots of guys hurt, I might make comments about that, too. Roy is probably just proud of his men.

Well, either way, Coach Will didn't like it and fired back at the 60-something-yet-curiously-black-haired Coach K:

"Regardless of what somebody else says about they have injuries too, which is a bunch of bunk, so I don't give a crap what somebody else says, but coach their own damn team, I'll coach my team -- in case anybody has heard some statements about that."

Ummmm.... what?

Anyway, the point is these two are pissed and, according to the story, they have a history from back when Williams was at Kansas. They've met multiple times in the NCAA Tourney and back in 2000, apparently the two "had to be separated." From what, hugging? These two almost got in a fight? I will pay anyone $5 who can provide me with footage of this near-fight in the 2000 NCAA Tournament.

Regardless, these two chaps have to settle down a little bit and return to their neutral corners. Before you know it, somebody's $250 silk tie could get wrinkled or designer glasses could get broken.


The next story is one showing how coaches CAN just get along. Seems Sweaty Bruce Pearl of the Fighting Sweaters of Tennessee called up Coach Calipari to ask him for tickets.... to the game Pearl is coaching against Coach Cal. Yes, Memphis and Tennessee are #1 and #2. I know, I know, I was as surprised as anyone. I was sure ESPN told me Duke and UNC are 1 and 2.

It is kind of cool, though, #1 and #2, both from the same state and playing one another. The story is amusing as well, with the following:

As of Tuesday, tickets were going for as much as $10,000 on Stubhub. The game's timing has a lot to do with the soaring demand.

Oh, no shit? You mean, tickets to Memphis basketball don't normally command a $10,000 per seat price tag? Thanks for clearing that up....

Calipari has come a long way from his days in the A-10, when he incited other coaches to "kill" him and "kick his ass."

So How Is This Big Ten Thing Gonna End?

IU deserved to win.