Hey Mark Spitz, Stop Acting Like a Girl

In case you haven't heard it, Mark Spitz, the former super-human swimmer is now focusing on letting the world know that he's an arrogant, whiny prima donna. He's doing a damned good job at it too.

My college roommate, a regular BS reader, told me about the story, so I had to read it for myself. Turns out, Chris' account of what Spitz had to say is about right. Usually those in America who think they're entitled to something are young...Turns out, the culture of entitlement has rubbed off on this not-so-young former olympian.

Maybe it's because I really don't like the olympics and don't care enough to research it, but I can't think of any precedent in which the former record-holder gave the new one his medal(s). I don't remember seeing Komenich placing the medals around M.L. Retton or Flo Jo shooting HGH into Marion Jones, I mean giving Jones her medals. Regardless, Spitz needs to shut his stache.

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