Boilers Lose Game 3 in Australia

In the case you haven't been following it, the adolescent basketball Boilers are fairing OK in Australia. They're now 1-2 versus a bunch of professionals in the land of kangaroos and Kidman. You can check out Larry Clisby's take about the most recent loss in the land down under by clicking here....

Some interesting notes- It sounds like Purdue is getting better each game, but depth has been a factor. Keep in mind that Grant isn't playing (while recovering from knee surgery)...and the incoming freshman didn't travel with the team.
Smooge has been lighting opponents up (around 30/gm) and Johnson nearly had 20 points in the most recent contest (as I've said all along, I think the solid big man that Purdue needs is already on the roster in the form of either Nemanja or JaJuan). Probably more surprising than either of those lines is the fact that Chris Kramer flashed his scoring prowess scoring 29 in the last contest.

Regardless of their record at the end of this trip, I think this tour will be good for the team. In fact, I think it's not a bad thing for them to get beaten a few times- It might remind them that they need to get down to work before they can consider themselves contenders for a BT title or, later, a Final Four.

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