Purdue wins...Who Cares???

We at boiledsports still care, that's who. I'm currently travelling on business in Hong Kong. First thing I did when I woke up this morning to check if my Boilers had beaten the No. 17 Missouri Tigers in yet another pre-conference test of this gritty squad.

Well, Boilers win, Boilers win, Boilers win. So did Purdue get "mad props" from ESPN or some dap from CBS? Quick answer no. Some of the stories ahead of Purdue's upset:

-Duke beats GMU (not important, not an upset, not the NCAA tournament of
-Greg Oden is good (really, surprising. He played frickin' Cleveland State. I might be able to make a few post plays v. that basketball power)
-Air Force beats the hell out of a D-III team (they're ranked, but really shouldn't the competition matter?)

UCLA v. TA&M is a legit, big time college basketball story...Bob Knight edging closer to the all-time wins mark is big news...But at least a mention on the front page would be nice.

Purdue will square off next week with Butler...both teams should be ranked, regardless of the outcome of Butler's game v. ISU. And once again, if Purdue wins, no one will care. In a way, I like it...Coach Painter, keep winning, keep teaching the young guys how to win and take our Boilers back to the tournament...Boiler up!

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