You Stay Classy, Air Force

What the hell was going on with the Air Force Academy playing a Divison III school over the weekend? They should have their #23 national ranking taken away just for that. Was this some sort of metaphor for the way our military can simply dominate? If so, well done. And hey, nothing says sportsmanship like humiliating a bunch of D-III kids by jumping out to a 30-0 lead and a 50-6 halftime lead.

Some tidbits from the story in italics...

Even with veteran point guard Matt McCraw sidelined after injuring an ankle in practice last week, the Falcons led the Tigers 50-6 at halftime.

Wow, even without your main man point guard, you still mustered up the hutzpah to pummel a D-III school, eh? Well done.

"In our last two games and our last two losses, there's a story line," Air Force coach Jeff Bzdelik said, noting that his team had shot well enough to win against Illinois in the NCAA Tournament last season but lost. He also said that wins against IPFW and Texas-Pan American during the past week were closer than they should have been.

Ah, I see. So you played some games against marginal D-I schools very close so the solution was to absolutely destroy and de-pants a far, far, far lesser foe. Excellent.

Bzdelik said the plan was to work on defense Saturday. "We wanted to have a sense of urgency throughout. In the first half we did, and in the second half, playing some players who hadn't really played before, there were some holes, but those are correctible," he said.

They damn well better be correctible! Your kids clearly focused in the first half, holding Colorado College to six points but then your slacker Airmen let the enemy explode for 25 points in the second half! 25 points! That's an increase of 417%!! Run laps!!

"I liked, especially in the first half, the intensity, the awareness, the stances, the awareness on the weak side, the awareness on the strong side, the pressure, catching the move, funneling people correctly, defending situations. That was there in terms of the fundamental skill," Bzdelik said. "So that was good."

Really, Coach Bzdelik? That was good? Really? That your guys, who are far superior atheletes and physically far superior human beings, blew the doors off this poor little college that doesn't even have a logo on

Just so everyone knows, Colorado College doesn't even have a center on their roster and their tallest player is 6-4.

Coach Bzdelik -- I hope your crew gets absolutely steamrolled by a team for whom the coach is good friends with the Colorado College head coach.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!

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