Summer Dulldrums Make Me Tired

With the NBA playoffs unofficially over, it is official that the dulldrums of summer are upon us. Unlike my counterparts from this site, I find the MLB product, especially during the regular season extremely uninspiring. Granted, I enjoy IRL racing, but I can still manage to take a 30-minute nap while watching some of that circuit's events on my low-definition TV. I like the summer because I like warm weather...but I can't wait for the fall.

Here are some of the things that are on my mind right now:

Why does the WNBA still exist?

I saw that a perennial WNBA All-Star surprisingly retired recently. While watching Sports Center, I received this response, I turned off Sports Center. I just did a search for WNBA on Google and the site responded by saying, "Do you mean NBA?" Well no, but now that you've mentioned it, when will the men's league stop paying the bill for the ladies? I would think that since the NOW crowd is a proponent women making a way for themselves and not needing any stinking men to do so, they would demand a stoppage to such chauvinistic patronizing. I'm sure that league would be fine without NBA dollars. Go get 'em "ladies"!

Who is Paris Hilton?

I know she really likes cheeseburgers, she hangs out with Lionel Richie's daughter and drives under the influence of various substances. All that said, why is she on every news outlet's top story? Next question, if she actually does eat Thickburgers, why does one of said sandwiches weigh more than her? What I'm getting at is I'm done watching, listening or reading anything related to her. It's time one of the Marriott daughters whores herself out for the paparazzi.

Al Gore was right.

Back in 1992, the Senator from Tennessee was all angry at ole 41 for not taking action against Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Well, a guy that looks like the one in this video (plus 100 lbs. or so) has told us over and over that GWB & Co. have been completely out of line making connections between terrorists and the formerly dictator-run Mid Eastern State. Huh. When campaigning for Clinton he stated multiple times that action "must be taken" against Iraq for that nation's role in terrorism. Funny, you'd think with such tough talk in 1992, that when the Clinton admin. left office in 2000, Hussein would have been ousted or at least neutered. Turns out that wasn't the case at all...So, Mr. Interwebnet was correct, 41 dropped the ball...So did 42. I'm glad someone actually does what he says he's going to do.

Matt Painter is a genius.

Well, maybe not a genius (as that title is reserved for Coach K, Charlie Weis, Bill Parcels & Phil Jackson), but he could be the hardest-working recruiter in the NCAA. Purdue's incoming class looked pretty darned good a few months ago with just the high school kids in the mix...Since then, a couple of guys have decided not to play for Purdue any longer and move someplace closer to home (code for 'with more available playing time'). Those departures made the future look kind of bleak for our Boilers. But since then, Purdue added a solid JuCo shooting guard to the mix a few months back and is about to add the 2nd-ranked JuCo player in the nation to the class. I'm not going to jinx it by typing his name in this article, but it looks like Purdue beat out Kentucky and Utah for his services. Hopefully, he doesn't join Kartelo, Ten Dam and Lesmond in the Purdue foreign-born player Hall of Crap.

Picking up these two JuCo players also makes the class of '09 a lot more interesting and possibly helpful in the near future.

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