Sideboob Smattering Friday

Well, today you're getting a boobie blowout. And why is that? Well, this is my last Friday as a single man. Now, granted, you're really not single anymore long before you actually slip on your wedding band. No, you stop being single a lot earlier. Many think it's when you ask the young lass to marry you. Others point out that once you speak to her father, well, you're officially committed at that point. Regardless of how you look at it, this is my last free Friday for a while and so Sideboob Friday will have to be manned by my co-authors for a little while. Believe you me, they have no shortage of appreciation for boobies.

So today we'll be going on something of a boobie tour, with this week's featured sideboob artist being the lovely young Anne Hathaway. Ms. Hathaway has that kind of name that just sounds regal and like an old-time actress. Nevetheless, sometimes the girls want to come out to play as you see from the picture to the right. I figured you'd all enjoy this one.

But the fun doesn't end there this week! No, sir. Keep on reading to see more about some of my favorites out there.

We start with Ms. Alyssa Milano. She writes a blog for MLB and she actually seems to know quite a bit about baseball, and we all know chicks who know sports are hot. Downside? She's an LA Dodgers fan. Bleh. Upside? She has fantastic breasts. I think we can all agree she goes in the upside column.

Next picture: I don't know who this is, but she came up in the smattering of images when I was searching on Ms. Milano. I think she might be a singer of some kind. Or a scientist. Or a park ranger. I don't know, and frankly, I don't care. And neither do you -- you've long since moved on from this drivel I'm writing and are currently enjoying her photo. You're welcome. And I won't take it personally that you're skipping my prose.

Rachel Ray is our next guest. And Rachel gets bonus points for just being plain naughty. Yes, yes, FHM, I get it; you're very clever. She's a cooking expert so let's photograph her in the kitchen. And I'm sure this is exactly how she looks when she's making well, whatever needs that level of chocolate icing or hot fudge or whatever that is. While Rachel is actually somewhat lacking in the cans department she makes up for it in just being generally sexy and clearly being willing to be kind of kinky. Slather on the choclate, Rachel!

An old standby of mine is next, Ms. Tara Reid. I have a soft spot (poor choice of words) for Tara since she's from my state and we were born only a week apart. I agree she's become a complete mess in recent years but you can still look into the archives and find pictures that demonstrate just how sizzling she once was. Boobies!

I know, I know, we just saw Jennifer Love Hugetits two weeks ago. But, really, are you complaining?

I'm wrapping this up with another old standby who somehow has managed not to lose her hotness over time. And whether you want to admit it or not, you watched Friends from time to time. And it's okay. Many people watched just to see the chicks.

That does it for today's pictoral. Enjoy and enjoy your weekend.

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