The Virtual Debate Rages...

If you read H&R, you've seen that Marcius is upset that Purdue will not pay for his Maymester classes that he needs to pass to he can transfer.

Elsewhere on the interwebs, a debate is kind of ablaze regarding this topic...and here's the rest of the story:

John Hart requested a transfer for his fifth year as well, around the same time last year...So a few people have taken umbrage with Sandi's situation, including Sandi.  As of right now, Purdue won't be paying the approx. $7,000 that Marcius will owe for his final two classes.  It seems there are right-minded people on both sides of this argument, but I don't think any of them are talking about a few key details.

Who will get the last laugh?

First, once Marcius knew that he was transferring, he made himself pretty scarce.  According to sources on campus, he wasn't at a banquet (not sure which one), and was no where to be found at or around Mackey after his request for release.

Conversely, from what we've heard, that wasn't the case with Hart. His relationship with his teammates and coaches kind of faded out as headed toward the Maymester/Summer school period instead of coming to an abrupt end.  I think this might be the biggest issue.

PLUS, Painter got as close to begging as I've every heard publicly when speaking about Marcius; he really wanted Sandi back...I'm not saying he didn't really want Hart back...but he never expressed it publicly.

My guess is that there's more to these two stories than what we and small time media outlets are seeing.  But one thing we absolutely know is that Purdue owes Marcius nothing, at this point.  And if he's getting on social media and striving to get people to side with him, he failed in at least one case.  Delivery of a message still matters...tact is important...and I'd think that Matt Painter is about as receptive to internet whining as I am to sugar-free/fat-free desserts.

I always saw Marcius as a hard-working guy who didn't have an entitled attitude.  But this episode changes my view of him slightly.  I still appreciate the fact that he worked hard in practice to get better, clearly worked hard in the weight room to get strong and played hard during games.

But, Purdue has broken no rule in this case...and I'd go further to say they haven't even been unethical.  They've hurt someone's feelings; it happens.

I always tell my 7 year old son that if someone doesn't want to spend time with you, give them what they want, and take a step back.  Marcius sent a clear message that he wanted little to do with Purdue or the basketball program; so Purdue merely obliged his request.

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