As The Sandi Turns

For those interested in the results of yesterday's Matt Painter/Morgan Burke press conference discussing the Sandi Marcius situation Boilerdowd wrote about yesterday, H&R is all over it.

I have to say, I think Burke and Painter are doing more than is required of them here -- as b-dowd pointed out, if a somewhat immature young man is going to whine about his lot in life when he orchestrated his arrival at that lot, there's not a lot you can do about it. Painter and Burke already had done more than enough for Sandi, I think everyone agrees, and this is just further clarification.

From Matt Painter:

"Sandi voluntarily withdrew from our team," Painter said. "Now he wants us to pay for his school after the fact and that's just something that we haven't done. As a head coach, and this is something Morgan (Burke) talked to me about when he interviewed me: 'You're in charge of your roster.' Nobody can tell me who's on my roster and who is not on my roster, and Morgan's in charge of the grant-in-aid.

"I wish (Marcius) nothing but the best. I gave him a blanket release so that he can play anywhere else that he wants. We were committed to paying for his school this summer if he was with us, and we were committed to paying for his fifth year of school next year, which would have been grad school, if he was with us. We committed to Sandi from Day 1 and have paid for all of his schooling while he's been with us. Now he's decided to leave our program, and he's not with us and he voluntarily did that. No one told him he had to leave. We wanted him to stay. That was the decision that he made."

I love iron-fisted Matt Painter, I don't know about you. As I mentioned, visit H&R for more quotes, including Matt Painter's explanation on how this differs considerably from John Hart's situation. Again, I find myself thinking he has no obligation to lay this all out -- but if it winds up painting Purdue in a more positive light, that's fine by me. Full details, truth and clarity are never a bad thing.

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