Bo Ryan's Evil Plan

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan continues his evil plot to put so many miles on Robbie Hummel and his balky back by playing him this summer for Team USA.

Hummel contributed eight points and several key rebounds (details are sketchy) in the USA's 67-63 victory over the Russkies.

Coach Bo Ryan was said to be clearly daydreaming about how to best neutralize the Boilermakers next season and win the Big Ten title, when he remembered that Hummel was on his roster for Team USA. Ryan was then seen making the face as pictured.

"It's like Christmas morning for me," a delighted Ryan told the mostly non-English speaking media. "I get to run Robbie Hummel into the ground and with the nearly nonexistent media coverage this event gets, nobody will even blame me. It's brilliant, if I do say so myself."

Ryan then drank a glass of blood, saying it made him feel "more peppy."

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