'09-'10 Final Year as Boilers for JJ and Hummel?

A week ago, we asked you what scenario would make it worth losing the Ostrich? There were mixed results, but by and large it seemed like we all appreciated Robbie a great deal and, barring a letdown season on all accounts, we'd wish him well if he chose to make that leap.

Offline, Boilerdowd and I were commenting -- happily -- that so-called experts like Andy Katz didn't appear to even have Purdue players on their radar. We felt like it was a good thing for Purdue to be the overlooked team and, selfishly, we hoped that without overexposure, there might be a better chance of our guys sticking around.

Well, Brent Yarina of the Big Ten Network feels differently. He's got JJ listed as the #1 most likely Big Ten prospect to enter the 2010 NBA draft. Here's his take on JaJuan:

Johnson considered making the leap this past year, so much so that he released a statement saying he was coming back for his junior season. Barring a major injury, there's no doubt this upcoming season will be Johnson's last. His stock skyrocketed this past year, and if he continues his rate of improvement, not to mention adds more mass to his rail-thin body, he's a sure-fire first-rounder.

No doubt this upcoming season will be his last. "Sure-fire first-rounder." High praise, to be sure. And we, too, hope he develops into a certain first-round pick.

Also, and not unexpectedly, we suppose, is Robbie Hummel at #5 on Yarina's list.

Hummel could have a tough decision regarding his future next year if his back cooperates. If the back isn't healthy, you'd have to assume he'll return for his final season, in which case you can throw William Buford's name in here. Hummel won't thrill anyone with his game, but there are few things he can't do on a basketball court, and he's willing to do everything and anything to win.

I don't know about you, but Robbie has thrilled us with his game on multiple occasions.

Point is, it's only June and it already looks like we're going to have to ready ourselves for an Indianapolis or bust kind of season starting in November.

I'm looking forward to the ride.

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