Hold onto your (black) hats

During the Handsome hour, the gentlemen discussed the possibility of wearing true all black this weekend. Well now that every other blog wants to put their two cents out, let's ignore my Management 200 class for a little bit and tell you some facts.

It's happened before and that looks like ND in the background..

In August, when Purdue was unveiling their new costumes, I was uncontainable - it was the topic of my first post here for #cryingIrish outloud!

Everyone wondered if we'd get an alternate helmet. When the initial numbers came out saying we'd have 2 Home, and 3 Away kits, I was convinced that we wouldn't see any new helmet.

Well I wasn't exactly right. Purdue rolled out a mildly new helmet - one single stripe instead of one outlined in white down the center. So Nike played with our helmets and this is what they came up with? Nike, much like a drunk frat guy, doesn't stop when asked politely. It's entirely likely that they at least produced some mock ups for black helmets, but maybe the Athletics department didn't want to further piss off alumni by changing the 'iconic' helmet.

Nike has made it clear that black should be more dominate when it comes to our uniforms - look at the 2009-2010 Road Warrior Basketball jerseys. It's possible that learning from this venture that a flat, single color P on a field of black looks incredible and has high visibility. They took what they learned in basketball to the football jersey already, the helmet could see the same treatment.

And why would Purdue want a black helmet? The last time we rolled out in a black helmet was 1989 and 1990 - when the team had a two year combined 5-17. Both years included losses to ND and one loss to Indiana. Even then though, they were an alternate helmet.

Purdue hasn't worn our new trend - black pants and black jerseys at home - yet.They are obviously saving it for the night game, but since they are doing that, is it possible they have something else up their sleeve? Purdue mentioned at the press release for the unis that 'No Black Helmets' exist. This question was reported on Twitter by the Journal and Courier - since I wasn't allowed to go as press...But them being so specific in denying it, raises more questions.

The players are extremely geeked up for this game. It would be fitting to give them something else to get excited about. As we recently saw at Ohio, players get excited about new uniform combos. Our boys all talked about how great it was to get the attention from the new kits. Oregon players talk about it all the time. Recruits choose schools for jerseys for god sakes!

Will we see new helmets? I wish I could tell you. Any players I've talked to always go silent when the topic comes up. Silence speaks louder than words in cases like this. No player wants to get sidelined for leaking the news about a helmet.

The important thing is this - I don't care what helmets they wear. Get your damn tickets, get the right shirt, and get to the damn game. I don't care what the odds are, Purdue has shaken the world before and you don't want to look like the idiot who said there was no chance. Even if they lose, come cry with your friends at Ross Ade, not alone on your couch - that's just embarrassing.

Now can we stop talking about black helmets so I can pay attention in class?

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