#Hash It Out - Notre Dame

We've started the discussion on Twitter, but we need some more ideas.

I shouldn't have to caution the readers that we won't be able to convince Purdue Athletics to make any sort of sexual or religiously offensive Tags, but since some of you don't seem to get it - heed this advice.

Currently we're looking at:

  • #cryingIrish
  • #reeseInPieces
  • #silenceTheEchos
  • #kellyMightExplode
  • #irishEyesAreCrying
  • #takeItLikeAChampionToday
  • #playItLikeAChumpToday
Feel free to add more here or on Twitter @boiledSports or @thuff

Hold onto your (black) hats

Just Remember...They Are ND