Let's Have A Sidebar on Sideboobs

Greetings one and all and welcome to Sideboob Friday. I have no particular theme this week and my co-authors and I here at Boiled Sports haven't gotten our acts together and conferred on our thoughts for the Purdue-Minnesota game tomorrow night in Minneapolis. However, I know that I, for one, am nervous anytime we're playing a road game against a team we're supposed to beat. This one happens to have a freshman QB who has thrown ten TDs in three games and the team is averaging about 35 points a game. Fortunately, they're giving up even more than that.

But we'll get to more on the game this weekend in due time. This post is about the glory of the sideboobie. So let's get on with it.

Our first picture for this week is an old favorite of many, Ms. Jessica Simpson, the former Mrs. Lachey. She's out there banging various dudes, like Dane Cook and John Mayer. And that should prove that everyone has a chance, if tools like that can get into her pants.

Picture number 2 is controversial Paris Hilton. I've never really understood what makes her famous. She's rich and her occupation would appear to be "going to parties," which I guess falls under "socialite." Damn, what a nice career. Regardless, Paris doesn't usually do anything for me but every now and then she takes a very favorable photograph (mainly when she's not looking anorexic). This is one such example.

Our final chick of the week is nobody I know. This is a reader submission and I don't even remember who submitted it. I was perhaps blinded by the boobiness. Those things are quite literally spilling out of her shirt. Although it appears she's wearing a sexy teddy over... jeans. Hmm. Interesting. Not complaining, just wondering if this was an outfit she went out in or something. No matter, I think we all approve.

Enjoy your weekends, one and all, and let's be sure to Boiler Up!

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs every Friday in this space and every single day in J Money's head. If you'd like to submit, opine or just babble to us about this or any other semi-related topic, we're always listening at BoiledSports@gmail.com.

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