Boiled Sports Weekly Real Genius: Lloyd Carr

If you can out-think, out-wit, out-prepare and beat a genius, what must you be? I don't really know. But you are at the very least considered the Boiled Sports Weekly Real Genius when you accomplish such a feat.

Congratulations, Coach Lloyd Carr! You have earned this honor.

Sure, there are a lot of people who basically want to see you hung by your thumbs from a bell tower on campus in Ann Arbor for starting the season 0-2, including an embarassing home loss to Appalachain State, but you just beat one of the most prestigious college football programs in NCAA history.*

So take that well-deserved bucket bath!

You came into the game with your running back running his mouth and"guaranteeing" a win over an 0-2 Notre Dame squad (coached by a genius) that hadn't scored an offensive touchdown -- and still hasn't. Your 38-0 drubbing was impressive, especially since your freshman quarterback was making his first college start. (We here at Boiled Sports assume Ryan Mallett is an orphan since his parents were not repeatedly shown in his first college start.)

To overcome the history Notre Dame carries with it, the demi-god status of their freshman QB James Batholemew Clausen, your own fans quitting on you, as well as your advancing age, well, we salute you, Coach.

Savor this honor. Charlie Weis is "starting training camp" this week, so since he appears to know that the season has begun, future ND opponents ought to be on the lookout. Assuming Clausen doesn't become a deserter as well.

*Note: Level of prestige determined by NBC and Beano Cook.

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