Upcoming Changes To The Handsome Hour

Regular listeners to the Handsome Hour know how often we bitch about the technology and how often is decides to eat itself. We've lamented BlogTalkRadio's capabilities, but in the end, there aren't many avenues out there available to us that allow the real-time streaming and call-in abilities that you love so much about our show.

We like this, too, and we think it's what makes the Handsome Hour what it is... the fact that live callers can mix it up with us. Kind of leads a nice, unpredictable, natural environment.

However, we recently learned from BTR that they would like everyone, including longtime loyal users, to pony up a pretty significant amount of cash in order to continue using their marginal service. If we don't want to do that, we are limited to a half-hour of air time per day AND that airtime cannot be between 6 PM and 11 PM, because that prime-time real estate is reserved for paying suckers customers.

So what does all this mean? Well, next week's who (2/9) will now air at 11 PM, Eastern, and will be limited to a half hour. If we do take calls, all callers will be limited to 60 seconds to state their case, ask their question, give their thought, share a recipe, whatever. And then after that, we might be looking for another provider for our handsomeness. And it may mean no more live callers. (Wait, that sounds scary...no zombie callers, either.)

Regardless, we'll do our best to keep the show going in one form or another.

Thanks for your attention.

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